Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hey friends, Fr. Gulik-Uradi school was recognized and featured this blog : ! Kudos to the wonderful team behind project- Uradi school! check it out and be blown away just as I was. And if you have time....mmmmmh.... let me rephrase that, you definitely must find time and visit this blog. Scott has created something wonderful here! Join and your life will never be the same! I have been a member for sometimes now, and the feeling was more like..." wow! this is so great! I should have bumped into this long way back." Join it, feed on it and you will live with a passion. And hey! the community is great too!


  1. You too have created something awesome Fr. Ben. I love your motto - Moulding Achievers. In the West we take sooo much for granted. It is humbling to read your story at Live Your Legend. Would like to learn more about your project.

  2. Wonderful to interview you last week Father Ben. Despite the technical difficulties, faith won through and we achieved a great result.

    The story of the school is quite magical and heart warming. To create such a positive environment for these young girls is tremendous. Already you are seeing the fruits of your trust and hard work, with young ladies such as Beatrice who had the confidence to share her story with us and our audience at I am sure she is just one amongst many girls at your school who are growing in confidence and becoming aware of their own magnificence in this world.

    Bless you all and we hope that you all enjoy listening to the Podcast on our site.

    1. Hi Beryl,

      It was indeed great despite the challenges to finally do an interview. I will get you some pix of Vicky and Beatrice. We are excited for the girls and we wake up excited about this environment around the school. Isn't wonderful to always look into the future with excitement, expecting the girls to astound us and ask ourselves, what more can we do to help in this process? Thank you for picking our story!