A school is born in the rural village of Uradi, Siaya county- Kenya! The motto is "MOULDING ACHIEVERS". Dare we to dream that great people can come from this humble village? Most definitely.

Achievers in the making!


It began like a talk between two people, George Ooko and me lamenting the education standards in our village. This was in late 2008. The situation of the girls was even worse as the rate of school dropout was very high.  Then we challenged ourselves if we could do something about it. George went ahead to challenge me to begin a school and he will support the venture.  Where should we begin?
We got a few leaders of the church and wider community to talk this idea further. It became clear that we had to rally people to carry this dream. But how?

1.       Convince at least 100 professionals from this village to raise the initial funds for the new school
2.       Commit the same professionals to be role models to the students
3.       Commit some of the professionals to actively mentor the girls
4.       Commit a core group to refine our vision and how we want to achieve this for the girls

We knocked doors, made phone calls, called meetings and wrote letters. And? Our first funds drive that took place in October 2009 raised 1,600,000ksh (about USD 18,600)! A resounding success for this remote village with high poverty index. It was game on! We are in business! The school can begin! And it began in 2010! It is dedicated to the founding priest of this Parish, the late Fr. Sam Van der Gulik. We have never looked back and currently in the year 2012, the third year of existence, we have 98 girl students. The first lot will sit for university and college entrance exam in 2013! We hope to get as many to tertiary institution!

  1.  The birth of Uradi professional association! The group that initially rallied behind the school decided to form an association to address other challenges with the community. It was officially launched on 25th April, 2010 and it is ably chaired by Dr. Lawrence Owino.
  2. I have discovered my passion in coaching young students.
  3.  Growth in confidence and courage to tackle bigger issues.
  4. Deeper friendship with people who are passionate about life.
  5. Growth of culture from mere talk to a culture of talk to action.
  6. Partners who have joined in our grand dream to mould these girls’ into achievers.

  1. The motto is “MOULDING ACHIEVERS”.  Despite to the economic challenges, lingering cultural practices against education of girls, cases of early pregnancies, irresponsible parents and other challenges, we are determined to keep the girls in school and help them on their path to secure a brighter future and so renew hope in this community that change is possible and that girls can be greater agents of hope and change.
  2. In ten years, we want the school to be able to house 360 students in full boarding. The whole building cost was estimated in 2009 to be 60 million Kenya shillings (about 700,000USD).
  3. We commit to teach the girls more than academic stuff. We commit to teach life skills encompassing self- confidence, goal setting, responsibility, expanded vision, dealing with disappointment and failure positively, positive attitude, good manners, value of hard work and community service among other things.  

The school model

  1. Currently, Madam Vicky Onyango seconded to the school by the government is ably leading her team of teachers. But we must give a mention to Edith Apondi who first acted as the principal of the school followed by Sr. Edith Simao before Vicky came. They both did a splendid job as pioneers.
  2. Dr. Sylvester Mcoyowo heads the team of Board of Governors in assisting with running the affairs of the school.


The million dollar question to ask or is it euro or million shilling question? But seriously, our measure  of success is pegged on:
  1. Mould girls full of confidence and pursuing their dream without fear
  2. Mould girls with mature social skills and manners
  3. Facilitate the students to travel outside the country while still in school
  4. Mould girls to visualize themselves as leaders beginning in school
  5. 15- 20 years from now meet the same girls as fruitful members of the society, coming back to mentor other girls and be a source of reference and inspiration to others
  6. Change completely the perception that it is not worth educating girls to a complete opposite
  7. Make this school a model of inspiration to improve education standards in this region.

  1. Continue mobilizing resources to put up all the infrastructures
  2. Connect this school with other like- minded institutions committed to teaching life skills to the young students and facilitate the meeting of students from different cultural back grounds.
  3. Get life coaches from this community and even from other communities to visit and talk to the girls.
  4. Continue exposing the girls to the materials of great life and character moulders like, Stephen R. Covey, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Scott Dinsmore and many others.
  5. Build a culture of team work and extra milers among the people guiding and teaching the girls on daily basis.
  6. Get more professionals from this village to rally behind this grand project
  7. Establish a FOUNDATION that will grant scholarship to bright needy girls to secure their future

  1. Uradi professionals; Thanks for being such a wonderful team!  You are the back bone of the project!
  2. Mondorf family and friends; Under the chair of Peter Kerenyi , you have been great in pitching in to support this project! You have kept many girls in school by paying their school fees! We have a big water tank next to the first block. Mum Gila thanks for finding families to support the girls!
  3. The German youths who have visited us as volunteers; you have helped in bridging the cultural gap! Thank you Sandy, Felix, Tina, Eileen, Chrisi and Jenni for teaching German language in this school. You have also sourced funds from friends and families to support the project! You are our heroines!  Sarah Nyar Oganda, you are the one who performed a reverse miracle! You turned bread into stones to build the school! You know what I mean!
  4. Ingrid and her class at Dr. Alfred Delph school in Germany; your class was generous in collecting funds for the school! Thank you!
Jenni and Chrisi with a teacher and some of the girls

Acc name; Fr. Gulik- Uradi Girls' secondary school
Acc Nmr : 1115458477
Bank name : Kenya commercial bank
Branch: Siaya
Swift code: KCBKENX
Address : P. O Box 40-40608 Uranga
Uranga-Rabar Rd.


  1. This is a wonderful page. Keep on going with this enthusiastic engagement! God bless You!

    One of your Mondorf frieds

  2. I had to do a project over someone who gave back to their community. You have done just that. Keep it going. A big well done from Tennessee, USA:)

  3. This is absolutely so fantastic and inspiring!! Sending massive support to everybody at the school. Educated women create real societal wealth. Huge respect! You are making the entire global community stronger with this project. Thank you!